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M.S. NEW ISHIKARI the Glitter of Aegean Sea

Awarded the Ferry of the Year!  Welcome aboard to feel the white stucco, azure seas and crystal blue skies of the Aegean!

Tonnage 15,762 tons
Length 199.9 meters
Width 27.0 meters
Max Speed 26.50 knots
Max Power 32,640 hp
Guests 777
Vehicles 100
Elevators 4

M.S. KISO the Melody of South Pacific Ocean

An elegant and sophisticated luxury ferry. A resort hotel in the South Pacific Ocean.

Tonnage 15,795 tons
Length 199.9 meters
Width 27.0 meters
Max Speed 26.73 knots
Max Power 32,200 hp
Guests 768
Vehicles 113
Elevators 3

M.S. KITAKAMI the Song from Stardust

A fine ferry offering a relaxing cruise in a heartwarming atmosphere with wonderful scenic views from the observation room.

Tonnage 13,937 tons
Length 192.5 meters
Width 27.0 meters
Max Speed 24.94 knots
Max Power 28,800 hp
Guests 701
Vehicles 147
Elevators 1

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